The Gehart Institute

with Dr. Diane Gehart

A Refreshingly Relatable Approach to Becoming an Effective Mental Health Professional

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The Gehart Method

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There is no other training program like it. Learn a single, evidence-informed approach that is comprehensive enough to work with all of your clients--and Dr. Diane Gehart will personally coach you on how to do it effectively. 

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Laugh Your Way to Licensure: MFT 

Seriously, there is no other license prep course like it. Infused with both humor and mindfulness, there is no other course that makes exam prep more enjoyable and uplifting. Course can be used to prepare for either the National or California licensing exam.    

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Clinician Connection Community

Who is taking care of you? You spend your life caring for others, but where do you get support? Where do you recharge and get reinspired? You know that you don't quite need therapy, but you do need something. The Clinician Connection is a one-of-a-kind place to get your CEs while also receiving expert career mentoring and support from like-minded peers.

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"Whatever Works, Do More of That."

-Steve de Shazer

Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever experience a nagging sense of doubt about whether you are good enough? Even worse, do you sometimes fear others will discover that you are not as competent as they might think? In this course, you will learn about imposter syndrome and identify a two-part cure that will enable you to more effectively talk back to that inner critic and take meaningful action to weaken its hold on you.

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Diane R Gehart, PhD

Dr. Diane Gehart

I've spent most of my career trying to figure out how to do therapy well, going to countless workshops to learn numerous theoretical models.

In addition to working with nearly 250,000 clients as a therapist or supervisor, I put my many years of professional training into over 12 books and am the only person to write leading textbooks in both counseling and family therapy theories.

However, after nearly 30 years as an active member of the established academic community, I have come to the conclusion that the field of mental health needs to find a better way to train its professionals--both those entering the field and those in it for decades. 

Rather than spend the rest of my career fighting a deeply entrenched educational system, I have decided to simply offer a saner approach to becoming a highly effective mental health professional for those who are interested. 

You are welcome to join me if you too believe there has to be an easier way to do this work well.

Finally, I am committed to ensuring that all interested professionals have access to cutting edge training and knolwedge, and so I regularly offer FREE CEs through my mailing list and website.