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Mental Health Unmasked:

Unveiling the Secrets to Sustained Sanity


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Cover of Mastering competencies 4th Ed

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During 2023-2024, I will be creating new online lectures to accompany my textbooks, including Mastering Competencies in Family Therapy (4th edition released in April 2023), Theory and Treatment Planning in Counseling and Psychotherapy, and my other Cengage texts.

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Cover of Theory and treatment Planning in Counseling and Psychotherapy 2nd Ed.

The 2-Minute Treatment Plan and Progress Note.

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Learn a comprehensive three-part system including (1) engaging videos and over 400 quiz questions and 300 flashcards for reviewing content, (2) extensive instruction in exam strategy, and (3) test anxiety management with mindfulness. Save thousands of dollars compared to other prep programs with live monthly group coaching sessions with Dr. Gehart.

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Beyond the Hour¬ģ...

Expand your practice and income-generating potential with online psychoeducational classes. In this 3 Month program, you will be guided from start to finish in designing an online course or content, including business planning, technical skills, website design, marketing, and legal and ethical considerations. 

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Dr. Diane Gehart

I've spent most of my career trying to figure out how to do therapy well, going to countless workshops to learn numerous theoretical models.

In addition to working with nearly 250,000 clients as a therapist or supervisor, I put my many years of professional training into over 12 books and am the only person to write leading textbooks in both counseling and family therapy theories.

However, after nearly 30 years as an active member of the established academic community, I have come to the conclusion that the field of mental health needs to find a better way to train its professionals--both those entering the field and those in it for decades. 

Rather than spend the rest of my career fighting a deeply entrenched educational system, I have decided to simply offer a saner approach to becoming a highly effective mental health professional for those who are interested. 

You are welcome to join me if you too believe there has to be an easier way to do this work well.

Finally, I am committed to ensuring that all interested professionals have access to cutting edge training and knolwedge, and so I regularly offer FREE CEs through my mailing list and website. 

"Whatever Works, Do More of That."

-Steve de Shazer

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Cover of Collaborative-Dialogic Practice Across Contexts and Cultures

Collaborative-Dialogic Practice

Enjoy a free chapter-by-chapter replay of the international symposium on Collaborative-Dialogic Practice Across Contexts and Cultures hosted by Harlene Anderson and Diane Gehart.

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Impostor Syndrome
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Person working at desk with coffee and tablet
Good Faith Estimate
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Brain-Based Interventions
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Buck's Success Story...

Dr. Diane Gehart has the rare ability to blend the art and science of psychotherapy in highly effective and meaningful ways. She masterfully organizes and clarifies the complex and diverse theories and approaches to psychotherapy.

Her passion and expertise show up in well-organized texts and courses that are fun, engaging, and current with the most recent research and technology.

Dr. Gehart is a rock star in the MFT field – beloved and inspiring. 

Tiffany's Success Story... 

No matter what your learning style, age, or background, Dr. Gehart's teaching style meets you where you are!

Her courses are informative and clear yet without information overload!

Her courses have helped me to develop into a well-rounded and competent therapist. 

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Picture of Alan

Alan's Success Story...

Dr. Gehart’s engaging and well-organized lectures are presented with a personal touch making the material accessible, relevant, and practical.

Her enthusiasm for the topic and high level of expertise continue to make her online courses among the best I’ve taken.

Patti's Success Story...

Diane is real, relatable, and extremely knowledgeable, and she cares about her students. 

For example, if you take her licensure course, you can continue until you pass the exam. 

Diane’s content is well organized, and her presentation style makes learning easy and enjoyable!

She teaches with a perfect balance of lecture and student participation.

I have taken a few classes now, and I am eager to take more!

Picture of Patti
Picture of Raul

Raul's Success Story...

Dr. Gehart's dynamic teaching style motivates me to want to keep learning more a great teacher, mentor, and friend

When she is teaching, she takes the time to listen and be objective in her answers and tries to help you grasp the information more deeply.

If you are looking for ways to improve your clinical practice and be challenged to be a great clinician, then you need to purchase her materials.

I am very pleased with her teaching materials and level of commitment to her students

A Refreshingly Relatable Approach to Becoming an Effective Mental Health Professional

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