My TEDx Talk: Mental Health Unmasked

5 pillars of wellness therapy that works unifying framework Jun 24, 2024
Diane on TEDx Stage

With one billion people diagnosed with a mental health disorder, the world faces an unprecedented crisis.

As an award-winning professor, author, and psychotherapist, I believe the field of mental health has unintentionally contributed to this crisis through fragmentation.

Over 500 recognized psychotherapy theories exist, yet an individual psychotherapist can be skilled in only a handful. Furthermore, the field's standard treatment guidelines and ability to address physiological correlates of mental health symptoms are decades behind the research.

My proposed solution is twofold:

  1. A Unifying Framework for Clinicians By synthesizing theories, knowledge, and research, we can create a comprehensive framework that empowers clinicians to efficiently and effectively help all clients. This unified approach can bridge the gaps between different theories and provide a more holistic understanding of mental health.

  2. Empowering Individuals through the Five Pillars of Wellness Individuals can significantly improve their mental health by mastering the five pillars of wellness:

    • Healthy Diet
    • Regular Exercise
    • Quality Sleep
    • Supportive Relationships
    • Effective Coping Mechanisms

The key lies in harnessing micro-habits, the smallest healthy habits, to bypass the stress response and quiet our inner critic.

By implementing these strategies, we can address the crisis at hand and pave the way for a healthier future.

Want to learn more? Watch my TEDx Talk: TEDx Talk Link

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