Beyond the HourTM! 

A 90-Day Program to Expand Your Professional Practice and Income with Online Content for Clients


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What if You Could...

  • Help more people in less time
  • Become a recognized expert without writing a book
  • Add more creativity and variety to your work week
  • and earn more money?

Are You Ready for the Future...

This course is right to you if one or more of the following apply to YOU!

  • You know the world is rapidly changing and want to be at the forefront--or at least not fall behind.
  • You want to be able to help more people in less time while making more money.
  •  Whether starting out or seasoned, you are ready to distinguish yourself as an expert to build your practice and design a career you love.
  • You desire to help those who need it most while being fairly compensated for your time.
  • You are ready to make money while you sleep with a passive source of income.
  • You are inspired to share your knowledge with people around the globe.
  • You are looking for more than one way to earn a living as a mental health professional to create a dynamic and vibrant career path.

Here's What's Possible

When You Learn to Earn Beyond the HourTM

  • Increase your hourly rate because your clients receive more than one-on-one time with you.
  • Establish yourself as a recognized expert in days rather than years.
  • Earn passive income by creating a course once and then earn income for years to come without doing any additional work.
  • Become a leader in the area of digital interventions,  which research indicates can be as effective as one-on-one therapy.
  • Stop paying to advertise your business because your courses do the advertising for you while generating income.
  • Add variety and creativity to your work week to prevent burnout
  • Create a stable flow of income that enables you to weather economic ups and downs.

Dr. Diane Gehart

I recorded my first online lecture in 2010 out of desperation. I had a busy conference schedule one semester, and students enrolled in my courses would miss too much if I didn't find a creative way to offer my lectures.

Those online lectures were a hit! Students loved the flexibility of listening to lectures on their schedule and the freedom to replay the lecture as often as needed to maximize their learning. Each person reported using the recorded lectures in ways that complimented their unique learning style and life schedule, and the improvements in student learning were measurable! After that, I created a YouTube channel where my online training videos have been viewed millions of times.

Up until 2020, I had imagined that online learning would be appropriate for learning factual content. However, when I was required to teach all of my courses successfully online during the pandemic, I discovered that I was wrong. Students often learned better online than in the classroom. Similarly, when I put my practice online, clients still felt connected to me, and we now had new resources to facilitate their growth and learning. Like the rest of the world, the pandemic taught us how effective online learning and therapy can be. 

In January 2021, I created the Therapy that Works Institute and have taught thousands of people through my online courses around the world. This has been the most rewarding professional experience of my career, which has included doing psychotherapy for 30 years, serving as a university faculty member for 25 years (currently at California State University, Northridge), authoring over 14 professional books (including Mastering Competences in Family Therapy, Theory and Treatment Planning in Counseling and Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness and Acceptance in Couple and Family Therapy), and presenting hundreds of presentations around the world. 

I cannot wait to teach you how fun and rewarding online courses can be!



Beyond the HourTM:

A 90-Day Program to Expand Your Professional Practice and Income with Online Content for Clients


The first publicly available course to teach individual clinicians how to create digital interventions to expand their practice.

Take Your Career to the Next Level...

Have you been wondering if there was a better way to do what you love?

In this 90-day course, you will learn how to:

  • Share your knowledge and expertise more efficiently, enabling you to help more people in a shorter amount of time.
  • Design, record, create, and market online courses that benefit both your one-on-one clients as well as the general public, creating unprecedented marketing opportunities in the field.
  • Use online courses to offer an entirely new approach to addressing mental health issues that save your clients money while simultaneously increasing your bottom line
  • Reorganize your time and energy in such a way that enables you to help more people more meaningfully in fewer hours per week.
  • Redefine your dream career as one that reaches around the globe, allowing you to work when, where, and how works best for YOU!

Here's What You Get When You Enroll in Beyond the HourTM

Sellable Product

Follow the program for 90 days, and you will have at least one sellable product by the end.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Not tech savvy? No problem. You will receive step-by-step guidance each step of the way from business plan to sales.

5-Minute per Day

Can't imagine how you will add this to your busy schedule? Learn a 5-minute time hack that gets results.

Recognized Expertise

Learn how to establish yourself as a recognized expert by creating content without spending years writing a book.

No-Fuss Marketing

Learn how online courses do the marketing for you. Save money, reduce stress, and grow your practice.

Earn Passive Income

Create a passive stream of income that allows you to earn exponentially more than your hourly rate.

Transform Your Practice and Your 90 Days

In Beyond the HourTM, you will learn how to expand your practice by creating online psychoeducational classes and content for your clients and the general public. 

The program includes a step-by-step guided process for creating and selling beautiful, engaging online courses based on the knowledge you share daily with clients.

The Curriculum

Step 1: Setting the Stage for Success

Develop a realistic plan and budget that is doable for you

  • Create time in your schedule with mini-habits and schedule optimization
  • Identify the content and audience for your course
  • Find the best professional resources to enhance your course content 
  • Create a business plan and budget
  • Know the legal and ethical considerations

Step 2: Design and Record Clinical Content

Learn how to create content that distinguishes you as an expert 

  • Get step-by-step instructions for creating your first online content/course
  • Know how to distinguish yourself as an expert by providing professional knowledge
  • Design educational slides that enhance the learning experience
  • Learn cost-effective options for recording high-quality content
  • Protect your creation legally

Step 3: Create Engaging Online Content Delivery 

Learn the technical and aesthetic aspects of creating an engaging online learning experience

  • Select the online course hosting option that is right for you 
  • Create the online learning experience that is best for your audience
  • Pilot and trouble-shooting your course

Step 4: Creating the Website to Share and Sell Your Content

Design a webpage or other online forum to sell your course.

  • Select the best website option for hosting your content
  • Learn strategies for creating a compelling webpage
  • Find media and resources

Step 5: Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Content

Develop a marketing plan to sell your course to a worldwide audience

  • Learn free and cost-effective ways to market and share your content
  • Explore the web-based, social media, and paid options
  • Understand the legal and ethical considerations when selling to your clients


In 90 days, you can have:

  • At least one online course that you can use for marketing your practice and dramatically stand out from the competition
  • One or more online courses or other content that can be used to help your clients achieve their goals more rapidly
  • A website where you can sell your online psychoeducational course(s) to create a passive stream of income
  •  Recognition as an expert and educator in your area of specialty
  • An entirely new stream of income that can be used to design a career path you love

Sheena's Success Story... 

Using what she learned in Beyond the HourTM, Sheena Kaas, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington, created an online course for clients entitled "Emotions Made Simple: Learn Three Steps to Shift Your Mood and Reclaim Your Life." 

Check out her inspiring course here:

Tiffany's Success Story...


No matter what your learning style, age, or background, Dr. Gehart's teaching style meets you where you are!

Her courses are informative and clear yet without information overload!

Her courses have helped me to develop into a well-rounded and competent therapist. 

Alan's Success Story...

Dr. Gehart’s engaging and well-organized lectures are presented with a personal touch making the material accessible, relevant, and practical.

Her enthusiasm for the topic and high level of expertise continue to make her online courses among the best I’ve taken.

This Course Pays for Itself...and Then Pays Dividends for Years to Come!


The course quickly and easily pays for itself and then continues paying you for years to come. You can earn back your course tuition in multiple ways:

  • Selling online courses to your clients and the general public, creating a passive stream of income.
  • Increasing your hourly rate because you now offer your clients more than the typical 50-minute session.
  • Attracting new clients due to your increased credibility as an expert and through your clients spreading the word about your courses.
  • Reducing your need for marketing and consolidating your technology expenses.
  • Creating new opportunities to earn income with your demonstrated expertise through speaking and writing.

Only Available Through this Course 

As part of the course, receive significant discounts of $300 or more* on Kajabi, the industry's most advanced and comprehensive online course platform that can save you $1,000s on websites, course hosting, and marketing each year. 

Note: Discounts may vary depending on offers available when individual students register.

Total Value: $6,269

  • 6 hours of productivity and business planning to ensure real-world success, including worksheets, spreadsheets, and handouts. Value: $300
  • 4 hours of training on creating content that will distinguish you as an expert in the field, including practical instruction in using the field's literature and evidence base to establish credibility. Value: $200
  • 6 hours of step-by-step instructions on how to design and create stunning online courses, including samples and templates. Value $300
  • 8 hours on sharing and marketing your courses to a global audience using low-cost and free marketing. Value: $600
  • Proven formula to reduce business overhead so you can keep more of what you earn. Value: $400
  • Get your questions answered in real-time with a leading expert. Value $600
  • Private platform for networking with peers who are sharing the journey to motivate and inspire you. Value $400
  • Discounts on Online Course Platform Kajabi available only through this course. Value $300.
  • 24 Hours of Highly Quality Continuing Education See FAQs below for details. Value $800
  • Bonus Course: Impostor Syndrome: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know. Value $69
  • Pay-in-Full Bonus #1: Plan Your Pathway to Freedom: 2-Hour group coaching. Value $300
  • Pay-in-Full Bonus #2: 36 Total Hours of CEs: LPCs, LMFTs, and LCSWs can earn ALL 36 HOURS OF CEs required for the typical 2-year renewal requirements in most states, including 6 hours of Law and Ethics! Access for FULL 2 years! Value: $2,000

Total Value: $6,269

Your Total: $1,297

12 Monthly Payments


Take Your Time

  • I plan to have this course pay for itself after 90 days!
  • Convenient, low monthly payment
  • Use any credit card
  • Bonus: Imposter Syndrome Course. (Value $69)


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Save $200 + $2,300 in Bonuses

  • One-time payment
  • Use any credit card or PayPal
  • Bonus: Plan Your Pathway to Freedom: 2-Hour Group Coaching. (Value $300)
  • Bonus: All the CE You Need Bundle of 36 hours of CE for 2 years. (Value $2,000) 
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Raul's Success Story...

Dr. Gehart's dynamic teaching style motivates me to want to keep learning more a great teacher, mentor, and friend

When she is teaching, she takes the time to listen and be objective in her answers and tries to help you grasp the information more deeply.

If you are looking for ways to improve your clinical practice and be challenged to be a great clinician, then you need to purchase her materials.

I am very pleased with her teaching materials and level of commitment to her students.  

Buck's Success Story...

Dr. Diane Gehart has the rare ability to blend the art and science of psychotherapy in highly effective and meaningful ways. She masterfully organizes and clarifies the complex and diverse theories and approaches to psychotherapy.

Her passion and expertise show up in well-organized texts and courses that are fun, engaging, and current with the most recent research and technology.

Dr. Gehart is a rock star in the MFT field – beloved and inspiring. 

Kari's Success Story... 

After almost 3 decades in the field, I was ready to start working smarter not harder. Diane's course has provided a clear path to this reality. By attending this course, I saved myself hours upon hours of time and money and gained the confidence necessary to launch a passive income digital product. The course has given me the information, tools, and support to succeed.

Patti's Success Story...

Diane is real, relatable, and extremely knowledgeable, and she cares about her students. 

For example, if you take her licensure course, you can continue until you pass the exam. 

Diane’s content is well organized, and her presentation style makes learning easy and enjoyable!

She teaches with a perfect balance of lecture and student participation.

I have taken a few classes now, and I am eager to take more!

Is This the Right Course for Me?

This highly practical course teaches real-world skills that are increasingly necessary across the career spectrum and beyond:

  • Private Practice: Private practitioners will discover multiple ways to increase their income significantly, market their practice, establish themselves as an expert, and reduce the overhead costs of running their business.
  • Mental Health Agencies and Residential Setting: Mental health organizations will learn how to create more efficient and cost-effective methods for providing services in ways that clearly set themselves apart from the competition.
  • Graduate Students and New Professionals: Hybrid and digital interventions will likely be the dominant form of intervention over the course of your career, so it is critical that you learn to master these new methods as soon as possible. Furthermore, you are more likely to excel at creating these interventions, especially when compared do I say this nicely...your colleagues who were born in the last century!
  • Coaches, Medical and Other Professionals who Provide Valuable Knowledge: Although this course will focus on creating digital interventions in mental health, the fundamental principles and technology apply broadly to anyone who regularly provides professional, expert knowledge to their clients, patients, or customers. Professionals outside the field of mental health are welcome to join!

14-Day Zero Risk Guarantee

There are enough risks in life, so we don't want this course to be another one. 

Try Beyond the HourTM for 14 days. Simply complete all course requirements for the first two weeks, including watching the videos, doing the assignments, and attending the first two live events (or watching all pre-recorded video for the Early Bird Special), and we'll be happy to refund your purchase if you decide it is not for you. Refunds must be made in writing and will not be given after the first 14 days.

Note: If you purchase the program through PayPal Credit, the terms of the refund will be subject to this program's terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions