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There is no method or training program like it...

Learn a single streamlined, evidence-informed framework that is comprehensive enough to work with all of your clients.


Therapy that WorksTM Live 2023

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What if You Could...

  • Confidently know exactly what to do when seeing all your clients, even your most challenging ones.
  • Savor your workdays because they are filled with meaningful, engaging conversations that you effortlessly facilitate.
  • Set any goal--personal or professional--and know how to achieve it.
  • Enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from being highly effective at what you do.
  • Create a joyful personal life that complements your career as a mental health professional.
  • Have multiple options for earning more money doing what you love.

Let's talk about how!

Are You Ready for an Approach that Works?

  • You are passionate about meaningfully helping others with life's greatest challenges. 
  • You want to create a stress-free career that you enjoy.
  • You are exhausted from feeling like an imposter and second-guessing yourself.
  • You're done tearing your hair out wondering over which approach to use with which client based on the evidence base.
  • You are tired of signing up for expensive workshops and conferences that nevertheless leave you wondering what to do in your next session.
  • You want to be able to make a good income in the field of mental health.
  • You want your personal life to be as fulfilling as your professional life.
  • You want to realize your dream of making a meaningful difference in the world--and enjoy doing it.


Transform Your Practice and Your Life

What if doing therapy were easy for you?

  • Confidence: What would it be like if you were totally confident in your ability to help any client who walked into your office?
  • Income Potential: How would your career path be different if every client who came to you reliably improved?
  • Reduced Stress: How much would your daily stress decrease if you knew how to be effective with all of your clients?
  • Effectiveness: How would it change how you see yourself and your job if you knew exactly what do whether a client is dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, parenting, OCD, couple conflict, or grief?
  • Clarity of Mind: What if you were able to learn a single, simple framework that enabled you to simultaneously draw from all of your preferred models at the same time? 
  • Master the Evidence Base: What if you learned how to use key elements of the major evidence-based approaches in a single, coherent model that only required you to join one training program? 
  • Goal Achievement: If you learned the basic techniques to achieve any goal, what area of your life would you want to transform first? 

Dr. Diane Gehart

I've spent much of my career trying to figure out how to do therapy well, going to countless workshops to learn numerous theoretical models.

In addition to working with nearly 250,000 clients as a therapist and supervisor, I put my many years of professional training into books and became the only person to write both a leading textbook in counseling theories and one on family therapy theories.

However, after nearly 30 years as an active member of the established academic community, I have come to the conclusion that the field of mental health needs to find a better way to train its professionals--both those entering the field and those in it for decades. 

Rather than spend the rest of my career fighting a deeply entrenched educational system, I have decided to simply offer a saner approach to becoming a highly effective mental health professional for those who are interested. 

You are welcome to join me if you too believe there has to be an easier way to do this work well.

And here's the boring bio you were probably expecting:

Dr. Diane Gehart is Professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling Programs at California State University, Northridge, and the Director of the Institute for Therapy that Works. She has authored numerous titles including Mastering Competencies in Family Therapy, Theory and Treatment Planning in Counseling and PsychotherapyMindfulness for Chocolate Lovers: A Lighthearted Way to Stress Less and Savor More Each Day, and Mindfulness and Acceptance in Couple and Family Therapy, and has co-edited with Harlene Anderson Collaborative Therapy: Relationships and Conversations that Make a Difference and Collaborative-Dialogic Practice: Relationships and Conversations Across Contexts and Cultures.

Capt. Brewster's Success Story...

In the military fighter aircraft and the airline business, we pilots are always looking for the “gouge.” The gouge is the information we REALLY, REALLY need to know. Information that will guide, inform, and direct; gouge cuts through mountains of information allowing us to excel and flourish. Therapy That Works is the gouge for doing therapy WELL. It transformed my practicum experience.  Treat it as a necessary part of your tuition. Get the gouge, take the class.

Capt. Scott C. Brewster, Ph.D.
Southwest Airlines (retired)
Associate MFT

Zvisiney's Success Story...

Dr. Gehart’s Therapy that Works! is beyond valuable. As a Marriage and Family Graduate Student, I was equipped with a framework of therapy skills and wisdom to begin practicing at my best. I have no excuse but to do ‘therapy well’.  

The whole course was packed with current research on critical client challenges. What I found most valuable was 1. understanding how to work with "personality disorders," simple zoom interventions essential for the future of online therapy, and the 4-level assessment and case conceptualization.

Dr. Gehart simplifies complicated topics and encourages each clinician to embody their self-of-the-therapist.

A big highlight was the module on income and career-building, something often overlooked. 

Thank you Dr. Gehart for this amazing course!

Zvisineyi Chiromo 

Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Student, United States International University – Africa

The Gehart Therapy that WorksTM

An entirely new approach to learning and doing therapy.

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It...

  • Learn a single streamlined, evidence-informed psychotherapy framework that you can use with all of your outpatient clients, including adults, couples, and families.
  • Imagine going to work each day feeling confident in your ability to help anyone who walks through the door and leaving each day feeling like you have made the world a better place.
  • Envision the new opportunities to increase your income that will be available to you once you become a highly effective clinician with a wide range of clients.
  • Consider how the quality of your personal life will change when your working hours are no longer a source of stress. 
  • Live life from a state of perpetual gratitude for being able to be paid well to bring good into the world.

Darcy's Success Story...

“This course was so validating, so encouraging, and has upped my confidence so much as a therapist ready to expand my part-time practice.
It also was a great reminder for me to take my own mental health and lifestyle more seriously...Most importantly, it lead me to take my daughter (21) to a functional medicine doctor who finally identified the source of suffering that has plagued her for years. 
Coolest thing I have done in a very long time... It really IS therapy that works!” 
-Darcy P., LISW, Ohio

Phyllis's Success Story...

Dr. Gehart’s interactive online course, “Therapy That Works Live!” was both engaging and comprehensive. 

The training modules were insightful and pragmatic, with videos including Imposter Syndrome, self-of-the-therapist, 4-level assessment, and career options for making a living wage in the field of psychotherapy. 

Particularly unique to the course was the live avatar client simulations by which Dr. Gehart coached clinicians through the science and art of therapy – priceless!

Phyllis H.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, California

Cutting-Edge Simulated Reality

Be the first to experience the latest advancement in clinical training: simulated reality. You will receive personal coaching from Dr. Gehart to master clinical skills.

Woman light bulb

Single Method

Learn a single framework that you can use with all your clients...and simultaneously still use your favorite approaches.

Become Evidence-Informed

Integrate the latest evidence-based treatments and knowledge into your treatment planning and interventions to dramatically improve your outcomes.

Woman jumping high

Meaningfully Engage Diversity

Make a real difference. Learn a practical approach to engage multiple forms of diversity, identify marginalization, and promote social justice.

Connect Couples and Families

Discover the most effective ways to enable couples and families to rebuild a strong relational foundation using just a handful of assessments and interventions.

Create Lasting Change

Understand how to use narrative and solution-focused therapy to solidify lasting change with your clients. 

Abusive Personalities

Learn an entirely new approach to understanding "personality disorders" and how these common interactional patterns affect virtually every client we meet. 

Achieve Any Goal

Learn the 3-step method to effectively set and achieve any goal, improving your clinical outcomes as well as your personal goals.

Earn a Certificate

After completing this comprehensive program earn a certificate in Therapy that WorksTM! Along with 45 hours in CEU credits.

Numbers Don't Lie!

These statistics may not seem real, but this is truly what the first cohort who learned Therapy that WorksTM reported:

100% said they were more confident in their ability to help clients. 

100% said they had improved their clinical abilities. 

100% said they had grown personally in the program.

100% said it was worth the investment.

Return on Your Investment...

100% of graduates confirm that this course is worth both the investment of time and money. In addition, this course is intentionally designed to help you not only recoup the cost of the course but also meaningfully increase your income capacity over the course of your career. The course does so not only by increasing your clinical effectiveness but also by:

  • Discussing the field's major career paths and their effect on income.
  • Identifying passive income options that both increase your cash flow and expand your career potential.
  • Bonus video that shares an uncommon hack for increasing referrals fast.
  • Professional budgeting strategies whether you are in private practice or employed, including downloadable spreadsheet templates to get you started
  • Personal development, wellness, and goal-achievement strategies that have saved some graduates and their families thousands. 

Carrie's Success Story...


Therapy that WorksTM! Certificate Program

42 Hours of Continuing Education

Choose Your Own Schedule

The "full course" includes 25 hours of pre-recorded lectures plus 17 hours of live sessions   

Choose to do all 42 hours at your own pace with video-on-demand or join in over 34 hours of the Live Zoom Sessions

Flexible Scheduling that Works for Everyone

  • No matter what your schedule or where you live on the globe, you can attend live sessions regularly if you choose
  • Each of the 7 modules has 2-4 hours of live training offered over 5 months (February through June) for a total of 17 hours 
  • All live sessions are offered at least TWICE on different weekend days and times (for a total of 34 hours), including morning and evening sessions to accommodate a global audience and your busy schedule
  • You are welcome to attend extra live sessions at no additional cost
  • Everyone has access to recordings of all of the live sessions--so if you miss one or all, no worries!


Comprehensive Curriculum

Module 1: Get Yourself Together: Self-of-the-Practitioner

  • Develop a comprehensive approach to self-care and master goal setting in your own life, to reduce burnout and countertransference
  • Examine your own emotional and wellness habits and set goals for improvement in at least one area
  • Learn the latest motivational psychology principles to make those goals happen, simultaneously learning valuable lessons that will enable your clients to achieve their goals as well
  • The fastest cure for imposter syndrome!
  • Many graduates of this program say that this module is so valuable it is worth the cost of the whole program.

Module 2: Collaborative Connecting

  • Master a stunningly simple approach to creating therapeutic relationships using the latest neurobiology along with postmodern, collaborative practices 
  • Learn an ideal method for connecting with diverse clients
  • Immediately begin facilitating transformative dialogic conversations that honor your clients' humanity

Module 3: The Viewing (a.k.a. Case Conceptualization & Assessment)

  • Learn a remarkably easy-to-use comprehensive conceptualization approach that synthesizes the knowledge of the field and is equally effective with individuals, couples, and families regardless of presenting issues
  • Develop a framework that enables you to seamlessly connect multiple theoretical perspectives, allowing you to efficiently and effectively draw from all of your previous training simultaneously
  • Discover how to meaningfully engage issues of diversity and marginalization in ways that are natural and engaging

Module 4: Evidence-Informed Treatment Planning

  • Understand what the research says about what works with most presenting issues in outpatient settings
  • Know when to use your theory of choice or an evidence-informed approach
  • Ensure successful outcomes with your most complex clients by knowing where, when, and how to refer to identify subtle medical issues that are present with most chronic mental health issues, dramatically improving clients outcomes 

Module 5: The Doing (a.k.a. Interventions)

  • Learn and practice a comprehensive set of interventions for 95% of common outpatient presenting concerns, drawing from collaborative, cognitive-behavioral, dialectic-behavioral, emotionally focused, exposure, functional family, narrative, solution-focused, structural, systemic, and trauma-focused therapies.

Module 6: Ending Well: How to Create Enduring Change into the Future

  • Understand how to use narrative and solution-focused therapy to solidify lasting change with your clients by crafting resilient identity narratives that support them in all areas of life. 
  • Develop a meaningful approach to support lasting change in clients with marginalized identities
  • Increase referrals by developing a reputation for creating lasting change. 

Module 7: Income and Career Building: A Course that Pays for Itself

  • Finally, identify ways to increase your income while creating a career path you love.
  • Bonus Videos: Affiliate Income Opportunities and Building Your Practice
  • Note: This module is a BONUS and cannot be counted towards CE hours due to rules regarding CE hours.

Therapy that WorksTM LIVE! 

An entirely new approach to learning and doing therapy.

Rehema's Success Story...

Therapy that Works is a relevant resource for any practicing or upcoming therapist. The program helps you to gain a deeper understanding of therapeutic approaches and how they can use to better help clients deal with contemporary challenges.

I enjoyed every session, but my favorite sessions were the simulation classes. I gained a wealth of knowledge from other participants across the globe and gained the insight that many fundamental clients' needs are universal, whether you hail from Kenya or Kansas.

The principles laid out under Therapy that Works can be used both in-person or virtually, which is truly a benefit.

As a person, the course expanded my mind into incorporating tenets such as “5-minute mindfulness” and using the 4 levels of analysis in my daily life, practices that I believe will bring about impactful change in my life and those around me.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Gerhart for her brilliant mind into crafting such an extensively relevant therapy course. 


Rehema G. 

Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Student, United States International University, Kenya

Alina's Success Story...

Being part of the Therapy that Works program has been such an amazing experience for me not only professionally but also personally. Diane is so knowledgeable about the field and helps therapists gain greater confidence in themselves.

In the program, I was able to learn how to take small steps to accomplish my goals including creating my YouTube Channel and passing the Law and Ethics Exam. It was also wonderful connecting with other clinicians in our mentoring group and supporting each other in achieving our goals.”

-Alina G.
Associate (Pre-Licensed) Marriage and Family Therapist

So which theory was that?

I've received several inquires about which theories they will learn in this program. I'm NOT going to teach any theories specifically, just HOW TO DO great clinical work. That said, this table may help those of you with more extensive training decide if this approach is a good match.

Traditional Theory 

Evidence-Based Treatment

Research Base

Module 1: Self-of-Therapist

Humanistic theories

Existential theory


Common factors

Positive psychology

Motivational research

Module 1: Self-of-the-Clinician

Humanistic theories

Existential theory





Motivational research

Cognitive & social psychology

Mindfulness & Buddhist psychology

Cognitive functions from MBTI

Module 2: Connecting

Collaborative therapy



Intersubjectivity (psychodynamic)

Emotionally focused therapy

Common factors

Mindfulness & Buddhist psychology

Cognitive functions from MBTI

Module 3: Assessing



Narrative & Social justice models

Object relations

Emotionally focused therapy

Dialectic behavioral therapy

Attachment research

Social justice research

Personality disorder research

Module 4: Treatment Planning

All Theories

Trauma-focused CBT

Exposure/response prevention

Open dialogue

Research on major DSM disorders

Anxiety, depression, trauma research

Parenting & divorce research

Module 5: Intervening


Systems & Structural

With individual, couples, &


All theories can be used here

EFT enactments

Trauma narrative

Exposure/response prevention

Clinical outcomes research

Module 6: Intervening Part 2: Ending Well




Positive psychology

Motivational research

Mindfulness Buddhist psychology

Melissa's Success Story...

"Diane's course exceeded my expectations. She was able to use technology to her advantage and to the advantage of her students. The simulation room was mind-blowing and every effective. I also learned valuable information from the guests and hope to see more of them."

Melissa R. 
Graduate Student 
US Navy Retired


Evelyn's Success Story...

Save Over $14,903

  • 20 Hours of Simulated Reality Training with live demonstration/coaching with Dr. Diane Gehart. Experience cutting-edge technology with simulated clients currently available to only a handful of select universities: $4,400

  • 14 Hours of Live Small-Group Coaching with Dr. Diane Gehart: $1,500

  • Learn a Postmodern Collaborative Approach to facilitating conversations that quickly transform client lives: $1,000

  • Master a Single, Comprehensive Assessment Intervention to enable you to quickly develop a comprehensive case conceptualization combining key elements of systemic, structural, emotionally focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral, dialectic-behavior therapy, and internal family systems approaches: $2,000

  • Evidence-Based Treatment Planning that will enable you to quickly identify the best approach for any client: $1,000

  • Learn Narrative Therapy Approaches to address diversity, social location, and marginalization and to help clients develop solidify therapeutic gain: $850

  • Strengthen Your Ability to Work with Couples and Families by learning how to use emotionally focused and structural enactments as well as how to use systems approaches to get unstuck with difficult cases: $1,500

  • Develop Skills for Trauma-Informed Care using key interventions from cognitive-behavioral, dialectic behavioral, exposure-response prevention approaches: $1,000

  • Master Solution-Focused Interventions that enable you to solidify client gains when working from any approach: $850

  • 25 Hours of Engaging Training Videos Including Recordings of Live Client Sessions with Detailed Annotation, enabling you to see exactly how to apply the framework with multiple clients: $1,000

  • Personal Emotional and Relational Wellness Plan including goal and finance worksheets that can enable you to achieve your mental health and wellness goals with the tools you use with clients. Includes weekly check-ins to support you in achieving the goal of your choice over this 12-week course: $2,000

  • Client Handouts and Worksheets: $400

  • Free Course App that allows you to access course materials from any device easily:  sorry, hard to put a price on fewer technical headaches and making life easier.

  • Interacting with an International Group of Professionals to build strong professional and personal support networks with like-minded peers: how much are sane colleagues and friends worth to you?

  • Confidence in Yourself Personally and Professionally Because Doing What You Love is Easy: Priceless

Worth: $17,500

Full Price: $3,999

YOU PAY ONLY: $2,497

Shelli's Success Story...

This course is an answer to prayer!

It has given me what I have been searching for--HOW to do therapy.

Spring 2022 Free Bonuses!

Everyone who joins in Spring 2022 will enjoy 2 new courses:

  • Clinical Documentation Made Easy: Evidence-informed treatment planning and progress note strategies that streamline paperwork. Start writing progress notes in 3-5 minutes and discover the fastest way to treatment plan! (available February 20, 2022). Value $79
  • The DSM-5 2022 Text Revision: What every clinician needs to know (available April 2022 or upon release of the next DSM-5). Value $39.

Choose the Right Plan for You!

Maximum Flexibility

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12 Monthly Payments


12 Monthly Payments

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  • BONUS: 9-month membership to the Clinician Connection, which includes 24+ hours of CE, consultation, and self-care programming worth $531.
  • BONUS: Zoom Intervention Course worth $97.
  • BONUS: Imposter Syndrome CE Course worth $59.

International? No problem. We use the UN Country Categories to make pricing equitable across the globe. See FAQs.

14-Day Zero Risk Guarantee

There are enough risks in life, so we don't want this course to be another one. 

Try Therapy that WorksTM LIVE! for 14 days. Simply complete all course requirements for the first two weeks, including watching the videos, doing the assignments, and attending the first two live events, and we'll be happy to refund your purchase if you decide it is not for you. Refunds must be made in writing and will not be given after the first 14 days.

Note: If you purchase the program through PayPal Credit, the terms of the refund will be subject to this program's terms and conditions.

Sarah's Success Story...

Diane’s course has given me the skills and the confidence that I have been seeking to navigate the start of my career as a professional counselor. I decided to choose this course--above all others--as Diane understood my needs as a professional starting out.

I continue to use the skills, advice, and Diane’s foundational model of assessing intrapsychic and interpersonal interaction patterns in my therapy practice every day and it has become the building blocks to my practice. 

-Sarah S.

Helen's Success Story...

“Diane Gehart’s Therapy That Works course is an excellent supplement for anyone who is enrolled in remote learning.
Having read several of her textbooks during my program, I jumped at the opportunity to observe her in action as a therapist and to learn through interactive role plays utilizing technology that is designed to take the edge off of any new therapist’s nerves.
While becoming competent might be a continues journey of growth, Dr. Gehart’s course was an important stepping stone for me.”
-X. Helen Altenbach
Family Therapy Graduate Student

Continuing Education

This course is approved for 42 hours of CE from the NBCC and CAMFT.

Continuing education hours are available through both the NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors) and CAMFT (California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists).

NBCC Continuing Education

Diane R Gehart has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7125. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Diane R Gehart is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

CAMFT Continuing Education

This course has been approved for 42 hours of continuing education credit for LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPCC’s and LEP’s as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Diane R. Gehart, Ph.D., LMFT is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs (Provider ID 42228). Diane R. Gehart, PhD, LMFT maintains responsibility for this course and its contents.

Certificate Availability

Course CE certificates will be awarded upon completion of all course modules and the evaluation form.

Once the final course evaluation is complete, your course participation will be reviewed (we will confirm that you either attend the live sessions or watched the recordings for these CE hours). Once we have verified you have completed all hours, we will send you the certificate. This process takes 1-4 weeks.

CE certificates will be available through the portal after registration for 5 years. 

Is This Course Right for Me? FAQs


Course Details: FAQs

Choose the Right Plan for You!

Maximum Flexibility

Your Pace

with PayPal Credit

  • Pay at your own pace
  • Check out with PayPal and select the "PalPal Credit" option to refer to their site for details
  • 0% interest if paid in 6 month

12 Monthly Payments


12 Monthly Payments

  • No credit approval required
  • Pay in 12 easy installments
  • Use any credit card 

6 Easy Payments


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  • No credit approval required
  • Pay in 6 easy installments
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Save $1,186: $499 course savings plus $687 in Bonuses

  • Use any credit card or PayPal
  • BONUS: 9-month membership to the Clinician Connection, which includes 24+ hours of CE, consultation, and self-care programming worth $531.
  • BONUS: Zoom Intervention Course worth $97.
  • BONUS: Imposter Syndrome CE Course worth $59.
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